Demming Properties

"Sheree has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She was always very professional, flexible, and understanding while working with us, which seems pretty rare among landlords in Bloomington. She always made sure that our repairs were made promptly, and would even call to check in from time to time to make sure that everything in the house was going well. The house was in a great location- only an 8 minute walk to Ballantine Hall, and was well worth the price. If I needed to find housing again in Bloomington, I would definitely look her up!"

- Caitlin D. (619 E. 9th St.)

"I'd definitely recommend her! She's a good landlord. It's good if you're punctual with her, because she is very punctual with you. She always responds quickly. It's a two way street with her, you get what you give."

- Johnathan (323 N. Grant)

"Any time there is something wrong with the house, she fixes it in a timely fashion. She's also very understanding about turning in rent on time."

- Aaron P. (415 E. 10th Apt 3 & 4)

"Sherree Demming is one of the best landlords I have ever had, due to her friendliness and accessibility!"

- Junior T. (434 E. 2nd St.)

"This year is the first time I ever rented a house in Bloomington and I was scared I was going to get a landlord who would stop by unannounced or was really hard to get a hold of. Sherree always calls before she comes over and she gave us a phone number where she could always be reached at.

The house we are renting is also great. The living room is very spacious and the bedrooms are also good sizes. The really high ceilings and hard wood floors make the house seem really big. The basement is pretty small, but we still can have band practice down there. The house also came with a dishwasher, washer and dryer, and air conditioning. It's also in a really great location. It's only about 10 minutes from the union, and it's also really close to downtown. There is also a really big backyard which is great for cookouts in the warmer months. "

- Liz S. (434 E. 2nd St.)

"Earlier this year our dryer wasn't working properly and Sherree sent over maintenance men the next day to install a new one. The maintenance men always come over the day after we report something wrong and fix it."

- Jayme J. (434 E. 2nd St.)

"Because of the great location and accommodating services Sheree has provided for us, my roommates and I decided to stay in our house all 3 years we were in Bloomington. Why move when you love where you live and have everything you need? Plus, Sheree is only a phone call away and Otis is the coolest maintenance man alive! Even when he's repairing our problem areas, you can always count on having a great visit. These benefits don't come with all landlords, trust me."

- Maddy S. (609 N. Dunn)

"The last two years at this house have been like a dream. We decided to stay here for another year, only because of our landlord. Sheree is reliable 24 hours a day. Anytime we have a problem, we call Sheree and within a few hours the problem is fixed. Not everyone is as fortunate as we are. It really makes college enjoyable to know we have a caring and dependable landlord."

- Stephanie W. (609 N. Dunn)

"Sheree was a pleasure to work with whenever there was a problem with the house or otherwise. The house was in great condition when we arrived and has continued to remain intact. We have a great porch that we live on when the weather is nice. Great parking spots in back and a ten-minute walk to campus and the bars. Thank you, Sheree for making our college experience unforgettable!"

- Christine P. (609 N. Dunn)

"She's been great, she even calls us sometimes to make sure that everything is going okay. The maintenance is always taken care of quickly. When we moved in, everything was in good condition, and she even got us new rugs. Currently, we're in one of her 3 bedroom houses, but we're looking for a 7 bedroom. She's helped us every step of the way."

- Ben (323 E. 11th St.)

"Sheree has been more than any one can ask for in a landlord. She has gone out of her way to learn about each one of us at 416 North Grant. When we need something fixed she has it done in less than 24 hours and has been flexible with our schedules and keeps open communication. We are going to miss having her as our landlord and we all appreciate everything she has done for us."

- The boys at 416 N. Grant: Eric D., Eric W., Mark T., Sean L., Rob W.

"All of our maintenance issues have been taken care of immediately Sheree is one of few landlords in such a busy college town that actually cares about tenants. We have had a wonderful experience renting a property from her."

- Lori G. (216 N. Lincoln)

"We have thoroughly enjoyed living in her property this past year, and we would strongly recommend Sheree as a leasing agent!"

- David W. & Housemates (322 E. 10th St.)